We construct, modernise and service all types of building installations: ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, heating and cooling, gas, sprinklers and hydrants, electrics and telecommunication technology.


We are able to provide expert opinion in every field of installation, from ventilation to gas installations.


We perform measurements of ventilation systems and all types of water installations.


We can find, select and propose alternative solutions of superior quality at better prices.

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Why is it worth working with us?

The biggest advantage of cooperation with MEPS is the offer of comprehensive assistance and advice on the selection of the best solutions. In every case, we analsze the building's functions throughout its life cycle and look for unnecessary costs that can be eliminated by modernising the installation..

Such activities allow us not only to maintain, but often also significantly increase the functionality of the facility, and thus its final quality and value. We always assemble installations in Warsaw in accordance with the requirements of the investor and designer. We also provide services to individual clients, service and commercial company owners, as well as developers and facility managers.

Clients can entrust us with even the most complex tasks related to the implementation of their investment and can be sure that the results will be exemplary. We are able to offer a comprehensive technical installations service thanks to cooperation with the best designers, architects and contractors from Shell and Core to Fit-Out.

We invite you to familiarise with our services and see how we carry out installations in practice.


We have carried out projects for:

We focus on the qualityof the work performed while maintaining market prices

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The facilities we service

Office buildings, cafes,

In workplaces, the quality of the installation should primarily guarantee comfort of use, efficiency and ...

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Residential buildings, multi-family estates

Operating residential buildings, including blocks of flats and apartment buildings, has taught us that the key to success ...

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Hotels, public
utility facilities

In public utilities and hotels, the scope of work is usually large and installation projects are complex and require ...

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The scope of our activity


We can find, select and propose alternative solutions of equivalent or superior quality at better prices ...


We provide ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, heating, water and sewage, gas and fire protection installations ....

Technical expertise

We are able to provide expertise in every installation field, from ventilation to gas installations ...

Installation measurements

We carry out measurements of ventilation systems and all types of water installations where regulation is necessary ...


We make modifications to installations related to the different needs of changing owners or tenants of space in buildings ...


We service air handling units, air conditioning and ventilation systems - we also clean complicated systems ...


The gallery below presents examples of some MEPS projects. The images demonstrate that our installations are a showcase for the brand and a confirmation of the competence of our specialists. The installations presented in the examples below were made strictly according to prescribed designs and with the use of cost optimisation. We invite you to familiarise yourself with these projects and the descriptions of activities performed as part of these investments.

NEWMARK Modern office. Warsaw 2020

BMW Modernization of sanitary installations

SEGRO A modern office in the center of Warsaw 2020.

CRAFTWARE Reconstruction of the installation

KONESER Adaptations of the old factory space

ELAVON Office space.

BIBUS MENOS Office space.

MEPS people

The MEPS team consists of educated specialists who have gained experience on the largest construction sites in the country and abroad. We have worked, among others, in office and residential buildings, such as Nowy Sezam on Marszałkowska Street and Qbik on Woronicza Street, as well as the Czajka sewage treatment plant and many other demanding investments. The experts who make up MEPS are among the best engineers and installers and their professional approach to work allows us to consistently build a strong position in the market.

Bartosz Staniaszek

Member of the General Partner’s Management Board

Manager and Sanitary Engineer with over 10 years of experience, gained on the largest construction sites in Poland and Europe. During his studies, he also worked as an assembler and later as a construction engineer after obtaining building qualifications as a works and project manager. He has managerial experience gained in an international corporation, involving the management of the installation department with a budget of over €7 million and direct team of 16 people, with indirect responsibility for the work of over a hundred people.


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